Wednesday 20th February 2019


HIC Board of Directors is made of eight members all with proven financial and business background and experience. They are appointed by each shareholder with the authority to facilitate the vision and mission of HIC initiative and to support the Management to achieve shareholders’ objectives.


Chairman - H.E. Sheikh NawafJasim Al Thani

Vice Chairman - Sheikh Faisal Amur Al Hosni

Board Member - Director Mr. Abdullah Mohamed Al Ansari

Board Member - Director -  Abdulhadi Ali Al Hajri

Board Member - Director Mr. Mohammed Abdul Razaq Al Hashmi

Board Member - Director Mr. Yousuf Salman Al Saleh

Board Member - Director Mr. Khalid Al Yahmedi

Board Member - Director Mr. Khalid Al Eisari

Investment Committee

Chairman - Abdullah Mohammed Al Ansari

Committee Member  - Mr. Abdulhadi Ali Al Hajri 

Committee Member - Mr. Khalid Al Yahmedi

Committee Member - Mr. Khalid Al Eisari

Audit Committee

Chairman - Sheikh Faisal Amur Al Hosni 

Committee Member Mr. Yousuf Salman Al Saleh 

Committee Member Mr. Abdullah Mohamed Al Ansari

Committee Member Mr. Mohammed Abdul Razaq Al Hashmi 

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